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20 cm - 8 inches high (excluding antenna)


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3.00 mm needles
(11 - UK, 3 - USA)
10 gms for each doll of cream acrylic 8 ply (DK - UK, worsted weight - US)
25 gms of main colour acrylic yarn 8 ply:
Red for Po.
Yellow for Laa Laa.
Green for Dipsy.
Purple for Tinky Winky.
Pipe cleaners, ordinary, not craft variety.
Small amounts of blue/white tweed, light grey, dk brown yarn.

Using light grey.
Cast on 28 sts.
Moss stitch one row, place marker in centre of row.
Inc into every st – (56)
Next row: (P1, K1) to end.
Next row: (K1, P1) to end.
Change to main colour, and beg with a K row, st-st 6 rows.
Next row: k6, (k3tog) 6 times, k8, (k3tog) 6 times, k6 – (32).
St-st 5 rows.
Next row: (k1, inc) to end – (48).
St-st 3 rows.
Next row: (k2, inc) to end – (64).
St-st 3 rows.

Place coloured markers at each end and centre of next row.
St-st 10 rows.
Next row: (k2, k2tog) to end – (48).
Purl 1 row.
Next row: (k1, k2tog) to end – (32).
St-st 9 rows.
Next row: k7, (k2tog) twice, k10, (k2tog) twice, k7 – (28).
St-st 3 rows.

Change to cream.
Next row: k8, inc in 12 sts, k8 – (40).
St-st 21 rows.
Place markers in 5th row at centre for mouth, 13th row and 6 sts apart (ie 3 sts either side of centre) for top of eyes.
Next row: (k1, k2tog) to last st, K1 – (27).
Purl 1 row.
Next row: (k2tog) to last st, K1 – (14).
B & T loosely, ie break off yarn and thread through remaining stitches but do not pull tight or fasten off.

To make up legs, body and head.
Join row ends of the knitted legs, body and head, forming centre back seam on the doll. Turn right side out. Oversew across the cast on sts, matching the marked centre point to centre back seam.
To form the legs, use matching yarn to sew back and forth through the doll at centre, starting at marked centre of the cast on edge and ending at the marked knitted row on the legs.
Stuff the toes, legs, body and head firmly. Pull up the length of yarn at top of head leaving a small hole of approx.1/4" and fasten off. To shape the neck, use a length of matching yarn and gather round the first knitted row of the head colour. Pull up the gathers very tightly and knot ends of yarn. Sew yarn ends into neck.

Eyes: Dk brown, work 2 backstitches surrounded by 1 chain stitch.
Nose: Use cream and work 4 backstitchs, across 2 centre stitches of face level with bottom of eyes.
Mouth: Dk brown, work a shallow V from marker placed in 5th row of head placing needle two stitches out from marker and up one row.

Using main colour, cast on 7 sts.
Inc into each st – (14)
St-st 17 rows.
Next row: dec at each end of every row to 2 sts.
B & T tightly.
Join row end of each arm and oversew across cast on edge. Turn and stuff lightly. Position arms two rows below neck and align with dec sts. Slip stitch onto body.

Using main colour, cast on 40 sts.
St-st 2 rows.
Next row: (k7, inc) four times, k8 – (44).
St-st 17 rows, marking centre of 5th row for antenna placement.
Next row: (k2, k2tog) to end – (33).
Next row: Purl.
Next row: (k1, k2tog) to end – (22).
Next row: Purl.
Next row: (k2tog) to end – (11).
B & T tightly.

Join rows ends of decrease rows.
Place on head and catch ends of cast on row together at centre front of neck.. Do not sew cap to head at this stage.

Make 2 in main colour, and 2 in cream.
Cast on 8 sts, and work in st-st.
Inc at each end of next 4 rows – (16).
St-st 3 rows.
Dec at each end of next 4 rows – (8).
Cast off.
Put 1 cream and 1 main colour ear piece tog (right sides facing), oversew around row ends and cast off edges. Turn and oversew cast on edges. Rep for other ear and put the ears aside until later.

Using blue/white tweed yarn, cast on 10 sts.
St-st 7 rows.
Cast off.

Position in centre of tummy, just below the first dec row, slip st into place.

Using main colour, cast on 5 sts.
St-ST 44 rows.
B & T tightly.
Twist 2 ordinary pipe cleaners together and lay on wrong side of knitted strip with one end level with B & T.** Slip stitch row ends from right side of work, encasing the pipe cleaner as you go.
Curl top end of antenna around your thumb joint to form circle and attach tip to the stem 6 rows from bottom.
Clip pipe clearers so that " protrudes from bottom.
Laa Laa
Make exactly the same as PO's antenna, except twist centre of antenna around little finger to form a circle and place a few sts where the sides of the circle pass.
Tinky Winky
Make the same as PO's antenna until **.Cut 3 x 1 1/2" lengths of plastic drinking straw and thread onto the top twisted pipe cleaner. Slip stitch row ends from right side of work, encasing pipe cleaner and lengths of straw. Bend the antenna to form triangle and secure tip to stem.
Cast on 5 sts in main colour.
St-st 22 rows.
B & T tightly.
Fold 1 pipe cleaner in half lengthwise and twist together and lay on wrong side of knitted strip with one end level with B & T. Slip stitch row ends from right side of work, encasing the pipe cleaner as you go.

Attaching the antenna:
Push a knitting needle through hat where marker has been placed, and then down into the head through the B & T of head. Insert pipe cleaner ends where you have just opened with the needle, and sew cast on row of antenna to hat and head. Make sure you get some stitches down into the head level to hold it securely.
Slip stitch edges of hat around neck and face.
Attaching the ears:
Place each ear 2 rows back from cast on edge at centre of side of head, main colour side to hat. Slip stitch to head along front edge of ear, then continue to slip stitch just through main colour side about 1 cm in from edge of ear. This allows the ears to protrude from side of head slightly.